What We Do

Register Your Child

Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year is now open.  Please note that a registration form must be accompanied by a copy of a school-administered reading assessment, a teacher referral and a parent agreement.  Click here to register for the 2019-2020 STAIR Program Year.

Here is a list of possible reading assessments and our accepted score ranges:

  • Fountas & Pinnell:  G-K
  • DIBELS (Words Correct):  20-50
  • DRA:  12-20
  • STEP:  3-6
  • NWEA MAP: 160-175

If the assessment used at your child’s school is not on the list, please include the results from the assessment used at the school with the registration form and we will review it.

To participe in the STAIR program, a student must meet the reading assessment requirements and the following forms must be completed: 

Student Registration Form

Parent/Guardian Agreement Form

Teacher Referral Form

We look forward to working with you and your family.

Students Helped and Counting

Years of Service to the Community

Register A Student

Register A Student

Registration for the 2019-2020 School Year is now open.  As a teacher, you can recommend a student for the program.   Please fill out this teacher referral form.

To participe in the STAIR program must meet all 3 of the following requirements:

Reading scores: Students who meet STAIR’s entrance assessment score requirement.  Here is a list of possible reading assessments and our accepted score ranges:

  • Fountas & Pinnell:  G-K
  • DIBELS (Words Correct):  20-50
  • DRA:  12-20
  • STEP:  3-6
  • NWEA MAP: 160-175

School attendance and behavior: Students who have a record of good behavior. 

Family commitment: Students whose parents/guardians agree to STAIRs requirements. 

We look forward to working with you, your students, and their families.


Volunteers and Counting

Tutoring Program

Second grade is a critical turning point in a child’s educational development. Through second grade, children learn to read; after second grade, they read to learn. With the help of teachers, school administrators and reading specialists, STAIR identifies second and third graders currently reading below grade level. These students are matched with a dedicated volunteer tutor twice-weekly or on a Saturday morning. These one-on-one tutoring sessions are tailored to each individual student’s ability. STAIR is offered to families and schools at no charge and tutoring sites are strategically located to help alleviate transportation issues and other potential barriers to participation.

Building relationships between the student and tutor is key to what we do. Each child works with the same tutor every week and receives caring, undivided attention during the session. They read together, play word games, complete writing exercises, and practice basic literacy skills like phonics and vocabulary. The bonds formed in these sessions benefit both student and tutor for life.

Program Partners

Program Partners across greater New Orleans generously donate space for tutoring locations, resources and support to our program. These in-kind contributions are invaluable to our ability to service students.

Interested in a STAIR site at your school or organization?  Email info@stairnola.org or call 504.202.8187


STAIR’s curriculum includes the following components:


  • reading
  • vocabulary
  • phonics
  • comprehension
  • fluency
  • literacy games


STAIR provides all students with school supplies, new books, dictionaries, and healthy snacks. And, all staff, tutors and volunteers must complete a comprehensive background check and ongoing training.

Upon arriving at the STAIR site after dismissal from school or on a Saturday morning, students enjoy a healthy snack and then join their tutors for one-on-one learning. Together, the tutor and student work on reading comprehension, decoding skills, interactive reading, and other activities in conjunction with STAIR’s proven curriculum. A hallmark of the STAIR program is the student’s ability to work at their own pace, concentrating on the skills that each student needs to master in order to become a stronger reader. Tutors work with the same student each week, creating a special bond and building their self-esteem. These children cherish the individual attention from an adult and a life changing relationship often evolves through getting to know one another in such a caring and safe environment.